This passage is spot on — “As powerful women, we often attract men for the same qualities that later repel them. In fact, it’s easy for men to say that they’re looking for a strong, empowered woman. It’s much less easy for some of these men to keep up with us when they aren’t secure in their own personal power. All of the things they proclaimed to love about us come back to haunt them, as they realize they aren’t prepared to stand strong beside us as equal partners.” My ex said that he was attracted to me because I was strong and smart, years passed and he left because I was “too much.” His toxic fragile masculinity couldn’t handle my success. He turned on me like a rabid dog and started screaming I was a narcissist for wanting to have my needs met. I suspect this is common.

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Author, Educator, Researcher, Survivor, and Youth & Family Advocate.

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