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And we don’t want a society with standardized minds

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Why do adults fear it?

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“We need to rebuild our schools from the ground up with the democratic classroom in mind. This would increase the positive outcomes of education for everyone and create the world leaders that we need to solve global problems such as climate change” — High School student

Poetry Sunday

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Fiction Friday

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It’s time for educational alternatives

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An Education that fosters community and embraces inclusion

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“What is the “cost” of a symphony unwritten, a cure not discovered, a breakthrough not invented? In today’s complex world, and in preparing for tomorrow’s certainly more complex one, we can scarcely afford to waste “talent capital” of any sort.” (McCluskey & Treffinger, 1998)

Robin Harwick, Ph.D.

Author, Educator, Researcher, Survivor, and Youth & Family Advocate. robinharwick.com

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